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Subpart E--Powerplant
Fuel System Components

Sec. 23.995

Fuel valves and controls.

(a) There must be a means to allow appropriate flight crew members to rapidly shut off, in flight, the fuel to each engine individually.
(b) No shutoff valve may be on the engine side of any firewall. In addition, there must be means to--
(1) Guard against inadvertent operation of each shutoff valve; and
(2) Allow appropriate flight crew members to reopen each valve rapidly after it has been closed.
(c) Each valve and fuel system control must be supported so that loads resulting from its operation or from accelerated flight conditions are not transmitted to the lines connected to the valve.
(d) Each valve and fuel system control must be installed so that gravity and vibration will not affect the selected position.
(e) Each fuel valve handle and its connections to the valve mechanism must have design features that minimize the possibility of incorrect installation.
(f) Each check valve must be constructed, or otherwise incorporate provisions, to preclude incorrect assembly or connection of the valve.
[(g) Fuel tank selector valves must--
(1) Require a separate and distinct action to place the selector in the "OFF" position; and
(2) Have the tank selector positions located in such a manner that it is impossible for the selector to pass through the "OFF" position when changing from one tank to another.]

Amdt. 23-29, Eff. 03/26/84

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