Airworthiness Directive

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[Federal Register: January 16, 1965]

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Federal Aviation Administration

14 CFR Part 39

Amendment 39-21; AD 65-02-03

Airworthiness Directives; RAJAY: Applies to the Following Aircraft Equipped With Rajay Model 315A10
Turbochargers Installed by Supplemental Type Certificate Approvals
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65-02-03 RAJAY: Amdt. 39-21 Part 39 Federal Register January 16, 1965. Applies to the Following Aircraft Equipped With Rajay Model 315A10 Turbochargers Installed by Supplemental type Certificate Approvals: Aero Commander 500B STC SA529WE; Aero Commander 500A STC SA583WE; Piper PA-23-250 STC SA539WE; Piper PA-24-250 STC SA811WE; Piper PA-23 and PA-23-160 STC SA3-1637; Cessna 310 Riley Rocket STC SA385WE; Cessna 310 and 310B through 310H STC SA97SO; Cessna 320 STC SA285SO; and Helio 500 STC SA305SO.

Compliance required as indicated.

A number of cracks in the turbocharger turbine scroll have occurred. To prevent possible turbine scroll failures, accomplish the following:

(a) Within 25 hours' time in service after the effective date of this directive, unless previously accomplished within the last 75 hours' time in service, and at intervals thereafter not to exceed 100 hours' time in service from the last inspection, visually inspect the turbocharger turbine scroll for cracks unless the turbocharger has been made inoperative by disconnecting the control or a placard has been placed in the cockpit prohibiting turbocharger operation.

(b) If cracks are found, make the turbocharger inoperative by disconnecting the controls or install a placard in the cockpit in full view of the pilot that reads "Do not operate turbochargers", until the turbocharger scroll is replaced.

(c) The repetitive inspections required by (a) may be discontinued only when a turbocharger turbine scroll P/N TC-6-11A has been installed.

(d) Operators who have not kept records of hours' time in service of turbocharger operation shall substitute airplane hours' time in service in lieu thereof.

(Rajay Service Letter No. 2 dated October 26, 1964, covers this subject.)

This directive effective January 10, 1965.

Revised March 10, 1967.