Airworthiness Directive

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Federal Aviation Administration

14 CFR Part 39

Amendment 39-2047; AD 74-26-07

Airworthiness Directives; Piper Model PA-28-180 Airplanes
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AGENCY: Federal Aviation Administration, DOT

DATES: Effective December 21, 1974.

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74-26-07 PIPER: Amendment 39-2047. Applies to Model PA-28-180 airplanes serial numbers 28-7305001 through 28-7505079 certificated in all categories.

Compliance required as indicated.

To detect an incorrect placard accomplish the following:

a. Before further flight, unless already accomplished, check the airplane Operating Limitations Placard to insure that it indicates that spins are not approved for normal and utility category operation. If placard correctly indicates that spins are not approved, no further action is necessary.

b. If the incorrect placard is installed, cut out appropriate temporary Operating Limitations Placard from Piper Service Bulletin No. 436 or an FAA approved equivalent and attach over existing placard before further flight.

c. If a temporary placard is necessary, install permanent placard Piper Part No. 76206-00 (m.p.h.) or 76298-00 (knots) or an FAA approved equivalent within 100 hours time in service from the effective date of this AD.

The action required by paragraphs (a) and (b) may be performed by the pilot.

Note: For the requirements regarding the listing of compliance and method of compliance with this AD in the airplanes permanent maintenance record, see FAR 91.173.

This amendment becomes effective December 21, 1974.