Airworthiness Directive

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Federal Aviation Administration

14 CFR Part 39

Amendment 39-3645; AD 79-26-05

Airworthiness Directives; Aircraft Metal Products Corporation: Applies To All General Aviation Airplanes With Aircraft Metal Products Oil and Fuel System Hoses

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AGENCY: Federal Aviation Administration, DOT

DATES: Effective January 3, 1980.

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79-26-05 AIRCRAFT METAL PRODUCTS CORPORATION: Amendment 39-3645. Applies to all general aviation airplanes with Aircraft Metal Products oil and fuel system hoses P/N 762506 installed. The subject hose is known to be installed on, but not limited to, certain Piper Model PA-28 and PA-32 aircraft.

To prevent possible fire or explosion in the engine compartment or engine failure due to loss of engine oil, accomplish the following within 10 hours time in service from the effective date of this AD:

(a) Inspect hoses for fluid leakage, excessive abrasion or excessive length. Replace hose if fluid leakage, excessive abrasion or excessive length exists.

(b) Loosen each coupling fitting and notice if hose moves in direction of fitting, indicating a pre-existing hose twist. Replace the hose if there is evidence of a pre-existing hose twist.

(c) Retighten each coupling fitting, gripping the collar just behind the fitting with pliers with just enough force to keep the hose from turning with the retightened fitting. If the hose turns with the retightened fitting, loosen the coupling fitting and repeat the retightening procedure.

(d) Inspect the hose installation for adequate separation between metal hose and other parts of the airplane. If there is contact between metal parts, then complete insulation must be provided using AN742 cushion clamps and/or KOROSEAL lacing or equivalent.

(e) Special flight permits may be issued in accordance with FAR 21.197 and 21.199 to operate airplanes to a base for the accomplishment of inspections required by this AD.

(f) Alternative inspections, modifications or other actions which provide an equivalent level of safety may be used when approved by the Chief, Aircraft Engineering Division, FAA Western Region.

This amendment becomes effective January 3, 1980.