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Federal Aviation Administration

14 CFR Part 39

AD 58-22-03

Airworthiness Directives; Piper All Model PA-23 Aircraft
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AGENCY: Federal Aviation Administration, DOT

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58-22-03 PIPER: Applies to All Model PA-23 Aircraft Equipped With Goodrich G-3-787 Main Wheel Assemblies.

Compliance required as indicated.

Failures of the Goodrich G-3-787 wheel assembly are being reported. These wheels may be continued in service subject to inspection as specified below, or replaced with Goodrich G-3-880 wheel assembly or Cleveland Aircraft Products wheel assembly Model 3060 or 3080A and brake assembly Model 3000-500 or another equivalent approved type wheel and brake combination.

1. Remove wheels and tires and inspect wheels at each one hundred hours of operation or at each tire change, whichever occurs first.

2. Inspect the flange area of both wheel halves by means of Dy-Check or Zyglo, whichever is available. Cracks may appear on either the inside or outside surface of the flange.

3. If cracks are present in the flange area, remove the defective wheel half from service and replace as indicated above.

4. To detect possible flange failures during preflight inspection, look for outward deformation of flanges. A wheel with a flange failure will appear to wobble when rotated.

(Goodrich Service Bulletin No. 102, dated July 25, 1956, and Piper Service Letter No. 291, dated June 5, 1957, covers this same subject.)

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Updated RGL applicability to match AD applicability; CAR C-11-185