Airworthiness Directive

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Federal Aviation Administration

14 CFR Part 39

Amendment 39-3442; AD 79-07-02

Airworthiness Directives; ESB WISCO, INCORPORATED: Applies To Those Batteries Manufactured During
December 1978, January and February 1979
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DATES: Effective April 3, 1979.

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79-07-02 ESB WISCO, INCORPORATED: Amendment 39-3442. EXIDE AC 78M and WILLARD W 78M BATTERIES. Applies to those batteries manufactured during December 1978, January and February 1979, identified by the figures N-8, A-9, or B-9 stamped on either terminal post. They may be installed in, but not limited to, the following aircraft:
Aero Commander1960 on - various models,
Bellanca 1959 on - various models,
Callair1964 on - various models,
Champion 7 series models: 7GC, 7HC, etc.,
Enstrom F-28 series, possible other models,
HelioAll series,
Lake AmphibianModel C-1 and LA-4,
NavionRangemaster and others,
PiperCherokee and Pawnee PA-28 and PA-25,
but not limited to these models,
RockwellAll models,
StinsonAll models,
WingDerringer models.

Compliance is required as follows. Remove from service before next flight and replace with any approved battery of comparable rating.

This amendment becomes effective April 3, 1979.