Type Certificate Data Sheets (Make Model)

The Type Certificate Data Sheets (TCDS) database is a repository of Make and Model information. The TCDS is a formal description of the aircraft, engine or propeller. It lists limitations and information required for type certification including airspeed limits, weight limits, thrust limitations, etc.

TCDS documents are available from the initial implementation of this database (April 1999) forward. Historical documents prior to implementation are not necessarily included in this database; however, historical information will be retained as additional documents and revisions to documents are incorporated into the database.

Revision History refers to those documents that have been revised through a TCDS revision. Current documents refer to those that are the most current. When looking at the TCDS and Model information in any of the Revision History views, the checkmark indicates the current documents.

TCDS-related Documents

Basic Glider Criteria Handbook.pdfBasic Glider Criteria Handbook.pdf

Microsoft Access Database

We provide a MS Access database containing all TCDSs and Models data from our system.

NOTE: We will update this file as needed until the decommission of RGL. After that point, this file will no longer be available.

The ZIP file was updated November 15th, 2021. The database is created with Microsoft Access 2016.


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