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ModelTCDS No.Rev. No.Current TC Holder
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Hide details for Aero Bull.   7-AAero Bull. 7-A
12-A (Army UC-40, UC-40A, Navy JO-1, JO-2)12-A (Army UC-40, UC-40A, Navy JO-1, JO-2)TC 616Rev. 0Lockheed Aircraft Corporation
12-B12-BTC 652Rev. 1Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company
18A18ATC 630Rev. 3Textron Aviation Inc.
18D18DA-684Rev. 6Textron Aviation Inc.
203-B203-BTC 2-412Rev. 0The Boeing Company
24 C8CS24 C8CSA-535Rev. 1Fairchild Personal Planes Division, Fairchild Engine and Airplane Corp.
24 C8C24 C8CA-535Rev. 1Fairchild Personal Planes Division, Fairchild Engine and Airplane Corp.
2T-1 Menasco Special2T-1 Menasco SpecialTC 2-339Rev. 0Great Lakes Aircraft Company
2T-1A-12T-1A-1A18EARev. 14WACO Classic Aircraft Corporation
2T-1A-22T-1A-2A18EARev. 14WACO Classic Aircraft Corporation
2T-1A2T-1AA18EARev. 14WACO Classic Aircraft Corporation
3-953-95TC 2-281Rev. 0Skylark Aircraft Corporation
314314TC 704Rev. 0The Boeing Company
33TC 2-469Rev. 0Skylark Aircraft Corporation
4-AT-A4-AT-AATC 2-9Rev. 1Ford Motor Company
4-C4-CTC 2-155Rev. 0Stearman Aircraft Company
50-C50-CA-675Rev. 9Gores, William
65-CA (Army L-3F)65-CA (Army L-3F)A-675Rev. 9Gores, William
65-C65-CA-675Rev. 9Gores, William
6P6PTC 2-520Rev. 0Stearman Aircraft Company
7W (Army UC-71)7W (Army UC-71)TC 628Rev. 0Spartan Aircraft Company
85008500A-591Rev. 0Commonwealth Aircraft, Inc.
9000-KR9000-KRA-591Rev. 0Commonwealth Aircraft, Inc.
9000-L9000-LA-591Rev. 0Commonwealth Aircraft, Inc.
90AF-10090AF-100A-306Rev. 12Monocoupe Corporation
90AF90AFA-306Rev. 12Monocoupe Corporation
90AL-11590AL-115A-306Rev. 12Monocoupe Corporation
90A90AA-306Rev. 12Monocoupe Corporation
9090A-306Rev. 12Monocoupe Corporation
A-314A-314TC 704Rev. 0The Boeing Company
A18AA18AA-684Rev. 6Textron Aviation Inc.
A18DA18DA-684Rev. 6Textron Aviation Inc.
American Eaglet 231American Eaglet 231TC 2-387Rev. 0American Eaglecraft Company
Arrow SportArrow SportTC 2-110Rev. 0Arrow Aircraft & Motor Corp.
Avian Mark IV-MAvian Mark IV-MTC 2-176Rev. 0Whittlesey Manufacturing Company, Inc.
AAA-643Rev. 2Taylorcraft, Inc.
Bird A-TBird A-TTC 2-527Rev. 0Perth-Amboy Title Company
Bird ABird AATC 387 and 2-33Rev. 0Perth-Amboy Title Company
Bird RKBird RKTC 2-502Rev. 0Perth-Amboy Title Company
BS-14BS-14TC 2-204Rev. 0Command-Aire
BW-5BW-5TC 2-7Rev. 0Cessna Aircraft Company
C-1C-1ATC 346Rev. 0Ryan Aircraft Corporation
C-3C-3A-396Rev. 2National Aeronca Association
C3-5C3-5TC 2-79Rev. 0Spartan Aircraft Company
C3-B SpecialC3-B SpecialTC 2-159Rev. 0Stearman Aircraft Company
C3-PC3-PTC 2-445Rev. 0Stearman Aircraft Company
Cavalier DCavalier DTC 2-191Rev. 0Star Aircraft Corporation
ChiefChiefTC 2-107Rev. 0Golden Eagle Aircraft Corporation
CollegiateCollegiateTC 2-202Rev. 0Timm Aircraft Corporation
Coupe 60Coupe 60TC 2-81Rev. 0Sioux Aircraft Corporation
Coupe 90-CCoupe 90-CTC 2-356Rev. 0Sioux Aircraft Corporation
Coupe W-15Coupe W-15TC 2-312Rev. 0Swanson Aircraft Company
D-1-WD-1-WTC 2-394Rev. 0Davis Aircraft Corporation
D17R (Army UC-43A)D17R (Army UC-43A)TC 638Rev. 3Textron Aviation Inc.
D17SD17SA-649Rev. 5Textron Aviation Inc.
DC3-G102ADC3-G102AA-618Rev. 23The Boeing Company
DC3-G102DC3-G102A-618Rev. 23The Boeing Company
DC3-G103ADC3-G103AA-618Rev. 23The Boeing Company
DC3-G202ADC3-G202AA-618Rev. 23The Boeing Company
DC3A-S1C3GDC3A-S1C3GA-669Rev. 32The Boeing Company
DC3A-S1CGDC3A-S1CGA-669Rev. 32The Boeing Company
DC3A-S4C4GDC3A-S4C4GA-669Rev. 32The Boeing Company
DC3A-SC3GDC3A-SC3GA-669Rev. 32The Boeing Company
DC3A-SCGDC3A-SCGA-669Rev. 32The Boeing Company
DC3C-R-1830-90CDC3C-R-1830-90CA-669Rev. 32The Boeing Company
DC3C-S1C3GDC3C-S1C3GA-669Rev. 32The Boeing Company
DC3C-S4C4GDC3C-S4C4GA-669Rev. 32The Boeing Company
DC3C-SC3GDC3C-SC3GA-669Rev. 32The Boeing Company
DC3D-R-1830-90CDC3D-R-1830-90CA-669Rev. 32The Boeing Company
DeLuxe 8500DeLuxe 8500A-591Rev. 0Commonwealth Aircraft, Inc.
DeLuxe 9000-KRDeLuxe 9000-KRA-591Rev. 0Commonwealth Aircraft, Inc.
DeLuxe 9000-LDeLuxe 9000-LA-591Rev. 0Commonwealth Aircraft, Inc.
DGA-11DGA-11TC 672Rev. 3Howard Aircraft Foundation
DGA-12 (Army UC-70A)DGA-12 (Army UC-70A)TC 645Rev. 3Howard Aircraft Foundation
DGA-8 (Army UC-70C)DGA-8 (Army UC-70C)TC 612Rev. 3Howard Aircraft Foundation
DGA-9 (Army UC-70D)DGA-9 (Army UC-70D)TC 645Rev. 3Howard Aircraft Foundation
Dolphin 1 SpecialDolphin 1 SpecialTC 2-366Rev. 0Douglas Aircraft Co., Inc.
Dolphin 8Dolphin 8TC 2-482Rev. 0Douglas Aircraft Co., Inc.
E17B (Army UC-43D)E17B (Army UC-43D)TC 641Rev. 3Textron Aviation Inc.
E17LE17LTC 641Rev. 3Textron Aviation Inc.
Eaglet 230Eaglet 230ATC-380Rev. 1Wood, Steven K. and Russell G. Williams
Eaglet B-31Eaglet B-31ATC-450Rev. 1Wood, Steven K. and Russell G. Williams
Electra 10-A (Army UC-36A, Navy R-20, and XR-20-1)Electra 10-A (Army UC-36A, Navy R-20, and XR-20-1)TC 551Rev. 0Lockheed Aircraft Corporation
Electra 10-B (Navy R-30-1)Electra 10-B (Navy R-30-1)TC 584Rev. 0Lockheed Aircraft Corporation
Electra 10-EElectra 10-ETC 590Rev. 1Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company
ENF SpecialENF SpecialTC 2-430Rev. 0Waco Aircraft Company, The
F-401F-401TC 2-540Rev. 0Kaiser Fleetwings, Inc.
F-45 (Army UC-80)F-45 (Army UC-80)TC 603Rev. 0Fairchild Industries, Inc.
F-46AF-46ATC 2-545Rev. 0Duramold Aircraft Corporation
F SkyrocketF SkyrocketTC 2-475Rev. 0Bellanca Aircraft Corporation
Fledgling J-1 SpecialFledgling J-1 SpecialTC 2-472Rev. 0Curtiss-Wright Corporation
G-21A (Army OA-9, Navy JRF-1, -2, -3, -4, -5, and -6B)G-21A (Army OA-9, Navy JRF-1, -2, -3, -4, -5, and -6B)TC 654Rev. 0Grumman American Aviation Corporation
G-21G-21TC 654Rev. 0Grumman American Aviation Corporation
G17SG17STC 779Rev. 3Textron Aviation Inc.
GCGCTC 674Rev. 0Dart Aircraft Corporation
GKGKTC 674Rev. 0Dart Aircraft Corporation
GWGWTC 674Rev. 0Dart Aircraft Corporation
GXEGXETC 2-363Rev. 0Waco Aircraft Company, The
GGTC 674Rev. 0Dart Aircraft Corporation
H-47H-47TC 2-329Rev. 0Hamilton Metalplane Division, Boeing Airplane Co.
JR. SR-1 SpecialJR. SR-1 SpecialTC 2-496Rev. 0Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation, Stinson Division
JYMJYMTC 2-361Rev. 0Waco Aircraft Company, The
KCAKCAA-675Rev. 9Gores, William
KD-1A (Army G-1B)KD-1A (Army G-1B)TC 712Rev. 0Kellett Aircraft Corporation
KD-1BKD-1BTC 712Rev. 0Kellett Aircraft Corporation
KD-1KD-1TC 712Rev. 0Kellett Aircraft Corporation
KR-31AKR-31ATC 2-510Rev. 0Fairchild Industries, Inc.
KR-34B2KR-34B2TC 2-505Rev. 0Fairchild Industries, Inc.
KSKSA-634Rev. 4Gores, William
KKA-634Rev. 4Gores, William
LC-1B-300LC-1B-300TC 2-189Rev. 0Laird Airplane Co., E.M.
LC-B-300LC-B-300TC 2-189Rev. 0Laird Airplane Co., E.M.
LC-BLC-BTC 2-17Rev. 0Laird Airplane Co., E.M.
Monocoupe 110 SpecialMonocoupe 110 SpecialTC 2-452Rev. 0Saurenman, Edward A.
Monosport D or 1Monosport D or 1TC 2-134Rev. 0Universal Moulded Aircraft Corporation
NB-8GNB-8GTC 2-353Rev. 0Nicholas-Beazley Airplane Division
New Standard D-25-BNew Standard D-25-BTC 2-557Rev. 0White Aircraft Corporation
New Standard D-31New Standard D-31TC 2-276Rev. 0Barnard Aircraft Corporation
OW5MOW5MTC 637Rev. 0Hartmann Aircraft Corporation
OW6MOW6MTC 636Rev. 0Stewart Aircraft Industries, Inc.
P-1-TP-1-TTC 2-506Rev. 0Parks Air College, Inc.
P-3B PrivateerP-3B PrivateerTC 2-449Rev. 0Amphibions, Inc.
PA-4WPA-4WTC 2-193Rev. 0Pitcairn Autogyro Co.
PA-4PA-4TC 2-21Rev. 0Pitcairn Autogyro Co.
Pacemaker 31-42 (Floats)Pacemaker 31-42 (Floats)TC 2-509Rev. 0Bellanca Aircraft Corporation
Pacemaker 31-42Pacemaker 31-42TC 578Rev. 0Bellanca Aircraft Corporation
Panther M-150Panther M-150TC 2-239Rev. 0Timm Aircraft Corporation
Parakeet A-1Parakeet A-1TC 2-514Rev. 0Rose Aeroplane & Motor Company
PC-3PC-3A-396Rev. 2National Aeronca Association
Porterfield 35WPorterfield 35WTC 611Rev. 0Rankin, Joe
Porterfield 75-CPorterfield 75-CTC 611Rev. 0Rankin, Joe
Porterfield CP-40APorterfield CP-40ATC 2-530Rev. 0Rankin, Joe
Porterfield CP-40Porterfield CP-40TC 2-530Rev. 0Rankin, Joe
Rearwin 6000MRearwin 6000MTC 661Rev. 0Commonwealth Aircraft, Inc.
Rearwin 7000Rearwin 7000TC 574Rev. 0Commonwealth Aircraft, Inc.
Rearwin 9000Rearwin 9000TC 624Rev. 0Commonwealth Aircraft, Inc.
Rearwin Deluxe 7000Rearwin Deluxe 7000TC 574Rev. 0Commonwealth Aircraft, Inc.
Rearwin Deluxe 9000Rearwin Deluxe 9000TC 624Rev. 0Commonwealth Aircraft, Inc.
Robin (Milwaukee Parts)Robin (Milwaukee Parts)TC 2-345Rev. 0Curtiss-Wright Corporation
S-39-CS-39-CTC 2-391Rev. 0Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation
S-41-BS-41-BTC 2-286Rev. 0Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation
S-43BS-43BA-593Rev. 2Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation
S-43WS-43WA-593Rev. 2Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation
S-43S-43A-593Rev. 2Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation
S-50-CS-50-CA-675Rev. 9Gores, William
S-65-CAS-65-CAA-675Rev. 9Gores, William
S-65-CS-65-CA-675Rev. 9Gores, William
S18AS18ATC 630Rev. 3Textron Aviation Inc.
S18DS18DA-684Rev. 6Textron Aviation Inc.
S3HDS3HDTC 543Rev. 0Waco Aircraft Company, The
SA18ASA18AA-684Rev. 6Textron Aviation Inc.
SA18DSA18DA-684Rev. 6Textron Aviation Inc.
SCW-145SCW-145TC 658Rev. 0Ryan Aeronautical Company
SD17SSD17SA-649Rev. 5Textron Aviation Inc.
SE17BSE17BTC 641Rev. 3Textron Aviation Inc.
Skylark W-1Skylark W-1TC 2-546Rev. 0Pasped Aircraft Corporation
Super UniversalSuper UniversalATC 52Rev. 3The Boeing Company
Taubman LC-13Taubman LC-13TC 2-389Rev. 0Bartlett Aircraft Corporation
Travel Air 2000-TTravel Air 2000-TTC 2-368Rev. 0Curtiss-Wright Corporation
Travel Air B-14-RTravel Air B-14-RTC 2-403Rev. 0Curtiss-Wright Corporation
Travel Air B9-4000Travel Air B9-4000TC 2-381Rev. 0Curtiss-Wright Corporation
Travel Air D-4000Travel Air D-4000TC 2-84Rev. 0Curtiss-Wright Corporation
Travel Air D-4DTravel Air D-4DTC 2-178Rev. 0Curtiss-Wright Corporation
UKS-7UKS-7ATC 648Rev. 0Waco Aircraft Company, The
UPF-7UPF-7A-642Rev. 0Waco Aircraft Company, The
V-1A SpecialV-1A SpecialTC 2-539Rev. 0General Dynamics Corporation
V-3 SpecialV-3 SpecialTC 2-532Rev. 0Davis Aircraft Corporation
V-3V-3TC 2-119Rev. 0Davis Aircraft Corporation