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[Federal Register: October 11, 1974]
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Federal Aviation Administration.
14 CFR Parts 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, 31, 33, 35, and 36
[Docket No. 13542; Notice No. 74-5B]

Airworthiness Review Program; Availability of Agenda and Related Working Documents for Airworthiness Review Conference

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AGENCY: Federal Aviation Administration, DOT
ACTION: Proposals


On February 15, 1974, the FAA invited all interested persons to submit proposals for consideration during the First Biennial Airworthiness Regulations Review (Ref. Notice 74-5, 39 FR 5785). In that notice, the FAA announced that it would make available, for comment by interested persons, a compilation of proposals that were to be given further consideration as possible agenda items for the First Biennial Airworthiness Review Conference. On May 29, 1974, the FAA announced the availability of the Compilation of Proposals containing over 1000 submissions by the FAA and interested persons, and invited all interested persons to submit comments on the proposals it contained (Ref. Notice 74-5A, 39 FR 18662, May 29, 1974).
DATES: Comments on this notice must be received on or before October 3, 1974.

In response to that invitation for comments, over 4900 individual comments contained in 74 submissions were received by the FAA. Based on those comments and on the Compilation of Proposals, the FAA has prepared a number of working documents to be used for the Airworthiness Review Conference to be held at the Shoreham-Americana Hotel, 2500 Calvert Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20008, on December 2-11, 1974.
The FAA hereby announces the availability of those working documents for the Airworthiness Review Conference. They are being distributed to all persons who have participated thus far in the Airworthiness Review Program and to other persons who have expressed an interest. Other interested persons may obtain a copy of those documents of interest to them by contacting the Federal Aviation Administration, Flight Standards Service, Attention: Airworthiness Review Staff, AFS-70, 800 Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, D.C. 20591.
As stated in Notice 74-5 and Notice 74-5A, not all of the proposals contained in the Compilation would necessarily be included in the final agenda for the Conference. Whether a proposal appeared in the agenda would in large measure depend on the comments received. In that light and based on a review by the FAA, a number of proposals will not be given formal consideration during the Conference. The general categories of proposals that were removed from formal consideration at the Conference are as follows:
(1) Proposals that were beyond the scope of the Airworthiness Review Program, but which were inadvertently included in the Compilation of Proposals.
(2) Proposals that were withdrawn by their proponent.
(3) Proposals that, because of their lack of clarity or justification, or because of a need for further study or development are not likely to produce fruitful discussion at the Conference. Such proposals have been deferred for further study and may be considered during the next Airworthiness Review.
(4) Proposals that deal with issues covered in other FAA rulemaking actions.
(5) Proposals that are straightforward, adequately justified and for which the comments indicate that no useful purpose would be served by discussion at the Conference. These proposals would be held for inclusion in a Notice of Proposed Rule Making. If time permits and a desire is expressed, questions relating to them might be discussed at the Conference.
To facilitate the identification of the proposals that were contained in the Compilation but have been removed from consideration during the Conference, one of the Conference working documents titled "Proposals Not in Agenda" will provide information relating to those proposals. If any person should desire more specific information with respect to one or more of those proposals, inquiries may be made to the Airworthiness Review Staff.
In addition to the document titled "Proposals Not in Agenda" the following working documents have been prepared:
(1) The Agenda for the Airworthiness Review Conference.
(2) Workbook titled "Committee I - Procedures and Special Subjects".
(3) Workbook titled "Committee II - Flight".
(4) Workbook titled "Committee III, Part 1 - Airframe (Large Airplanes)".
(5) Workbook titled "Committee III, Part 2 - Airframe (Small Airplanes and Rotorcraft)".
(6) Workbook titled "Committee IV - Powerplant".
(7) Workbook titled "Committee V - Equipment and Systems".
Each of the workbooks contains the proposals to be discussed at the Conference by the designated Committee, in a form similar to that used for the Compilation of Proposals, with comments by interested persons added.
Within each workbook the proposals are arranged in the order in which the regulations they relate to appear in the FAR's. The Agenda, in addition to providing general information relating to providing general information relating to the Conference program, contains detailed information on how the proposals have been grouped as Agenda Items, and on how these Agenda Items have been scheduled for discussion by the respective Committees. Participants can arrange their workbooks accordingly.
Information with respect to the Conference, that is not contained in the Agenda, will be distributed in the future. Advance registration information for the Conference is being distributed to all persons who have shown an interest and will be forwarded to anyone requesting such information from the Airworthiness Review Staff, AFS-70. Persons who plan to attend the Conference should be aware that the following procedures have been established to facilitate the workings of the Conference:
(1) Transcripts of Committee meetings will not be made; however all meetings will be tape recorded and those tapes will be available to interested persons for review. Copies of the tapes may also be purchased, at fees determined in accordance with 49 CFR 7.85(j).
(2) Summaries of the Committee discussion on each Agenda Item will be tape recorded by the FAA Committee Chairman at the meeting. Transcripts of these summaries will be made available to all persons who register and participate in the Committee sessions. They also will be available in the Rules Docket.
(3) Cognizance will not be taken of material prepared for discussion at the Conference by participants (but not contained in the working documents distributed by the FAA) unless the following procedures are followed:
(a) The material must be submitted to the FAA Airworthiness Review Staff at the Conference Registration Desk on the first day (December 2) or at least 48-hours before the agenda to which it pertains is scheduled to be discussed at the Conference.
(b) A copy of the material must be made available for each person expected to attend the meeting at which it is to be discussed. (This information will be available at the Registration Desk).
(c) The material must on its first page or cover identify the preparer, the agenda item to which it relates, the Committee in which the material is to be discussed, and a concise statement of the reason for the submission (i.e. the material contains a counter-proposal, or a more specific proposal or the material provides additional justification for the preparer's position on the Agenda Item). The FAA plans to distribute some such additional material to the appropriate participants on the first day of the Conference.

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The Proposed Amendment:
This notice is issued under the authority of section 313(a) of the Federal Aviation Act of 1958 (49 U.S.C. 1354(a)) and of section 6(c) of the Department of Transportation Act (49 U.S.C. 1655(c)).

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Issued in Washington, DC, on October 3, 1974.
R. P. Skully,
Acting Director, Flight Standards Service.
[FR Doc. 74-23747 Filed 10-10-74; 8:45 am]

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The Federal Register document references 14 CFR Ch I; this chapter was later renamed to Part 21. This NPRM did not show a "Comment Due Date" in the Federal Register. The AIR National Librarian used the issued date from the Federal Register in the "Comment Due Date" field.

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