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Supplement Number:
Supplement Date:
This approval issued to:
DAC International
PMA Holder Number:
PMA Holder's Address:
6702 McNeil Drive
Austin TX 78729
United States
Part Name:
GDC62, Radio Altimeter Interface Unit
Part Number:
Replacement For:
Modification Part
Piper Aircraft, Inc. (PA-46-500TP)
FAA Approval Basis:
Identicality per 14 CFR section 21.303, licensing agreement between DAC International, Inc. and Cutter Aviation, File No. Meridian G950 GDC. PMA dated Jan. 7, 2013, and STC SA01705WI dated Dec. 20, 2012, DWG. No 082-3100-L01-00 Rev IR Date 12/17/2012, or later FAA approved revisions.
Responsible Office:
San Antonio TX FAA Office Tel: (210) 308-3360
Additional Information:

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