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Supplement Number:
23 Revision 1
Supplement Date:
This approval issued to:
DAC International
PMA Holder Number:
PMA Holder's Address:
6702 McNeil Drive
Austin TX 78729
United States
Part Name:
Digital to Analog Converter
Part Number:
1106-4000-01 (same as ARINC p/n 413240-01)
Replacement For:
Modification Part
Boeing (DC-10-30F (KC-10A))
FAA Approval Basis:
Identicality per 14 CFR 21.303, licensing agreement between DAC and ARINC Aerospace, File No. ST00112MC-04, dated 06/27/2014, DWG No 413240-01 Rev L Date 03/11/2014, or later FAA approved revisions.
Responsible Office:
San Antonio TX FAA Office Tel: (210) 308-3360
Additional Information:

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