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Supplement Number:
Supplement Date:
This approval issued to:
Nell-Joy Industries Inc
PMA Holder Number:
PMA Holder's Address:
8 Reith Street
Copiague NY 11726
United States
Part Name:
Overhaul Hardware Kit 400SG Series Starter Generators
Part Number:
Replacement For:
Aircraft Parts Corporation (APC) 400SG Series
SAAB AB, SAAB Aerosystems (340A (SAAB SF340A), SAAB 340B w/APC starter generator 400SG112Q)
Hawker Beechcraft Corporation (HS.125 series 700A, 700B, , Hawker 800, Hawker 800XP w/APC starter generator 400SG114Q)
Bombardier, Inc. (CL-215-6B11 (CL-215T Variant), CL-215-6B11 (CL-415 Variant) w/APC starter generator 400SG123Q)
Embraer Empresa Brasileirade Aeronautica S.A. (EMB-120 w/APC starter generator 400SG135Q)
Learjet, Inc. (60 w/APC starter generator 400SG138Q, 400SG138Q-2, 400SG159Q)
Bombardier, Inc. (DHC-8-400 w/APC starter generator 400SG163Q , 400SG163Q-2, 400SG168Q , 400SG168Q-2)
FAA Approval Basis:
Test and Computations per 14 CFR 21.303 Nell-Joy DWG No. NJ400SG-K1 Rev. A Date 11/12/09 or later FAA-approved revisions
Responsible Office:
Saddlebrook, NJ FAA Office Tel: (201) 556-9490
Additional Information:
*NJ400SG-K1 is eligible for installation on the APC Starter Generators 400SG Series

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