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97%SA98CHInstallation of replacement wing ribs.
97%SA00713CHInstall Wipaire Model 2100 Amphibian/Seaplane floats.
97%SA00415SEInstallation of Cub Crafters fuel system kit.
97%SA02040AKInstallation of vented fuel cap assembly (P/N 3267)
97%SA02026AKFabrication and installation of wing front spart lift strut fitting reinforcing brackets
97%SA02056AKFabrication of Replacement Rudder Assembly (P/N 3216).
97%SA02498AKFabrication and installation of observation window and skylight framing and windows in place of the...
97%SA02500AKInstallation of Beringer Brake Master Cylinder & Brake Pedal
97%SA02488AKFabrication and installation of weld-on shoulder harness brackets
97%SA03115CHReplacement of the original heel operated braking system with a toe brake operating system
97%SA02450AKManufacture four inch wider fuselage
97%SA02407AKInstallation of lowered baggage floor
97%SA02439AKInstallation of F. Atlee Dodge Extended Baggage
97%SA03034CHInstallation of new engine baffling assembly and new oil coolers
97%SA02433AKInstallation of F. Atlee Dodge Oversize rudder and/or elevators
97%SA02424AKThe fabrication and installation of a header-less fuel system
97%SA02411AKInstallation of floor mounted front seat belt attachments
97%SA2478WEInstallation of automatic flagman Model 5A
97%SA00951SEInstall headliner in accordance with Cub Crafters, Inc., Master Drawing List, MDL 105600, Rev. A,...
97%SA00703SEInstall right side access door in accordance with Cub Crafters, Inc. Master Drawing List, MDL...
97%SA00856SEInstall refueling steps in accordance with Cub Crafters, Inc. Master Drawing List, MDL103440,...
97%SA00753SEInstall engine baffles in accordance with Cub Crafters, Inc. Master Drawing List, MDL103800,...
97%SA00494SEReplace existing fuselage stringers with Cub Crafters, Inc. Model 105700 stringers in accordance...
97%SA00495SEReplace existing floor boards with Cub Crafters, Inc. Model 102600 floor boards in accordance with...
97%SA00561SEInstall Sensenich 80 inch diameter wood propeller model W80DM in accordance with Cub Crafters, Inc....
97%SA00522SE: Installation of certain Lycoming O-320 series engines, McCauley or Sensenich propeller and...
97%SA01247SEInstall heated pitot tube and new static system
97%SA1245CEReplace existing Scott™ Master Cylinder with Cub Crafters, Inc. Model 120700 modified Scott™ Master...
97%SA00750SEInstall boot cowling and firewall assembly in accordance with Cub Crafters, Inc. Master Drawing...
97%SA01378SEInstall replacement fuselage tube or tube reinforcement
97%SA00414SEApproval of this change in type design applies to the above model aircraft only. This approval...
97%SA00718SEInstallation of oil cooler, hoses, and baffles in accordance with Cub Crafters, Inc., Master...
97%SA01126SEInstall windows in accordance with Cub Crafters Master Drawing List CR102500-3, dated July 24,...
97%SA00411SEInstallation of Cub Crafters extended landing gear kit.
97%SA00543SEReplace existing engine cowling channels and stiffeners with Cub Crafters, Inc. Model 105350...
97%SA1580GLInstall shoulder harness and seat belt assembly.
97%SA01704LAInstallation of the Grove Disk Brake System
97%SA2607CEOperation of airplane on leaded or unleaded automotive gasoline, 91 minimum antiknock...
97%SA1961CEOperation of airplane on unleaded automotive gasoline, 87 minimum antiknock index and leaded...
97%SA02204AKFabrication of replacement engine exhaust system assembly. Limited to airplanes equipped with FAA...
97%SA590ALInstall extended baggage compartment.
97%SA99ALInstallation of six-inch wheels and brakes.
97%SA02094AKFabrication and Installation of the F Atlee Dodge Rear Seat Heater.
97%SA4635NMModification of wing lift struts.
97%SA4051NMInstallation of replacement aft fuselage tail section with Univair repair section U-12183-TS.
97%SA1678NMInstallation of replacement wing ribs.
97%SA11RMInstallation of modified axles, wheels and brakes
97%SA641ALFabricate front wing spar butt attachment repair fitting.
97%SA4077NMInstallation of replacement aft fuselage section.
97%SA4095NMReplacement fuselage assembly with optional features.
97%SA279ALInstallation of McCauley 1A175/GM propeller on -135 models listed and installation of McCauley...
97%SA00248DEInstallation of attach fittings for shoulder harness restraint system, front and rear seat.
97%SA02085AKModification to front seat to allow seat back to fold forward.
97%SA02066AKFabrication of Aircraft Tiedown Bracket Assembly (P/N 3197).
97%SA136ALInstallation of Lycoming O-320 engine.
97%SA4618NMFabrication and installation of P/N 3166-1 main landing gear cabane vee assembly.
97%SA02211AKInstallation of components to change thrust line orientation
97%SA17RMReplacement for Piper P/N 10033 Landing Gear Vee
97%SA5948NMInstallation of vortex generators on wing leading edge.
97%SA624ALInstall fiberglass wing tip assembly.
97%SA02068AKFabrication and installation of Airglas Engineering Company, Inc., Model LT32PA-18 belly tank kit...
97%SA1064GLSurrendered and incorporated into STC SA00478CH.
97%SA00116DEInstallation of Replacement Vertical Stabilizer.
97%SA1646CEReplacement of bushing type pulley pulley in aileron control system.
97%SA292ALIncreased gross weights to PA-18-150 weights and C.G. envelope. Note: Airplanes must have Lycoming...
97%SA1555NMInstallation of Jensen Aircraft fuel valve No. 011-1.
97%SA00083DEInstallation of an additional cross tube to the upper cabin structure.
97%SA3282WEInstallation of George M. Adams DGA-2000 or Bodell BMI-2000 wheels and Bodell BMI-252 brakes.
97%SA95CHInstallation of Model BF-2100 floats.
97%SA02060AKFabrication of Replacement Elevator Assembly (P/N 3220).
97%SA427ALInstallation of fiberglass wing tips.
97%SA4606NMInstallation of main landing gear safety cable kit.
97%SA02170AKInstallation of McCauley propellers, Models 1A175-GM8241 through 1A175-GM8244.
97%SA02294AKInstallation of a fuselage cowl (boot cowl) battery box system.
97%SA1526NMInstallation of Piper landing gear vee assemblies, P/Ns 10033-5, 10033-6 with P/Ns J-10033-( ).
97%SA317NEInstallation of Auto-Vac-2 manifold vacuum system.
97%SA02189AKFabrication and installation of p/n 3344 main landing gear safety cable kit for 3-inch extended...
97%SA400ALConversion of 4-inch wheels and brakes to 6-inch wheels and brakes.
97%SA1191SOInstallation of Aqua Model1500 floats.
97%SA02234AKInstallation of a high Pressure Brake Master Cylinder assembly DCA1248-1260.
97%SA01986SECub Crafters extended range fuel tanks
97%SA1568NMInstallation of Cleveland wheels and brakes.
97%SA489ALInstallation of modified dog leg brace baggage compartment.
97%SA02171AKInstallation of a 24-gallon right wing fuel tank, P/N DC18049-24G-25R and 24-gallon left wing fuel...
97%SA490ALInstallation of leading edge cuff.
97%SA3626NMApplication of polyurethane finishing system.
97%SA00150DEInstallation of Replacement Elevator Frame.
97%SA02025AKFabrication of F. Atlee Dodge part no. 3182 preheater shroud assembly.
97%SA02299AKInstallation of a replacement fuel selector valve.
97%SA00142DEInstallation of a replacement horizontal stabilizer.
97%SA638ALFabricate rudder mounted strobe light support bracket.
97%SA2338NMInstallation of SWS-11000 Tundra tires, wheels, and hubs.
97%SA301ALInstallation of AD 2500x10.5 wheel replacement skis and rigging.
97%SA1033EAReplace steel oil cooler lines with Aeroquip type 303-8 hose using AN-823-8D elbows, AN-816-8D...
97%SA1554NMInstallation of Jensen Aircraft fuel valve plug No. 011-2.
97%SA02295AKInstallation of a high capacity fule gascolator assembly.
97%SA02011AKFabrication and installation of top deck assembly x-brace.
97%SA2303NMInstallation of header tanks
97%SA00151DEInstallation of replacement Rudder Frame.
97%SA02058AKFabrication of Replacement Stabilizer Assembly (P/N 3219).
97%SA02152AKFabrication and installation of F. Atlee Dodge 3-inch extended Main Landing Gear, P/N 3284.
97%SA02273AKInstallation of Performance Air Motive, Inc. (PAMI) PA-18 Muffler
96%SA02380AKInstallation of the Max-Viz® Enhanced Vision System (EVS) Models 100/600 and associated hardware
96%SA02187AKFabrication and installation of the Airframes, Inc., 4-inch wider frame assembly/fuselage
96%SA02436AKInstallation of F. Atlee Dodge Inverted Dogleg
96%SA02631SEInstallation of a Hartzell Propeller Inc. Model HC-C2YR-1N/NG8301-3 Propeller
96%SA25CHInstallation of Sensenich propeller model W80DM.
96%SA04121CHInstallation of Lycoming 0-320 engine
96%SA00008NYInstallation of Airwolf Model AFC-500 full flow engine oil filter P/N AFC-500.
96%SA02483AKInstallation of : (1) Cleveland 199-62 or 199-62A wheel and brake kit or ABI LLC AB-199-62 or...
96%SA02734CHInstallation of Lightweight Battery and Circuit Breaker Master Switch in lieu of original...
96%SA02828CHInstallation of the Lycoming IO-390-A1A6 engine, MT model MTV-15-B/210-58 constant speed propeller...
96%SA02175AKFabrication of Airframes Alaska LLC “Heavy Duty” Standard Length or 3-inch Extended Main Landing...
96%SA02751CHInstallation of McCauley Propeller model 1A200FA824X
96%SA00388NYInstall extended baggage compartment and baggage net in accordance with Cub Crafters, Inc., Master...
96%SA00275SEFabrication and installation of vortex generators mounted on the wings and a tail strake mounted on...
96%SA01242SEFabrication of PA-18 Inspection Covers in accordance with Cub Crafters, Inc. Master Drawing List...
96%SA00562SEInstall McCauley 82 inch diameter metal propeller model 1A175/GM8241, GM8242, GM8243, or GM8244 in...
96%SA00281NYInstallation of Goodyear Tundra 26 x 10.5 x 6 (6 ply), or 8:50 x 6 Tires and Tubes in accordance...
96%SA460SWInstall wing tips in accordance with Cub Crafters, Inc. Master Drawing List., MDL102400, Revision...
96%SA01158SEInstall heavy duty tail wheel assembly in accordance with Cub Crafters, Inc. Master Document List...
96%SA00572SEInstallation of modified instrument panel in accordance with Cub Crafters, Inc., Master Drawing...
96%SA01633SEGross weight increase modification manufactured in accordance with
Report 130000MDL, Revision NC,...
96%SA01350SEInstall replacement wing assembly in accordance with Cub Crafters, Inc. Master Drawing List,...
96%SA900CEReplace round wingtips with constant-chord, square tips and wing splates per Flanagan Aircraft...
96%SA02087CHInstallation of MT-Propeller model MTV-15-C/200-50 or MTV-15-B/210-58 constant speed propeller
96%SA03061CHInstallation of Lycoming O-360 engine and either Sensenich 76EM8 or McCauley 1A200FA propeller and...
96%SA03035CHInstallation of new lower cowling and new air box assembly in accordance with Installation...
96%SA02384AKInstallation of a cabin forward battery box in accordance with Willow Mountain Ranch, Drawing No....
96%SA02134SE Control gap seals manufactured in accordance with the latest Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)...
96%SA02262AKManufacture weld-on float fittings in accordance with Airframes, Inc., Master Drawing List...
96%SA02378AKInstallation of structural provisions for a fuselage side mounted baggage door in accordance with...
96%SA02906CHInstallation of the reversible MT-Propeller model MTV-15-B-C-R(M)/CR210-58 two bladed hydraulic...
96%SA02233AKInstallation of high visibility fuel sight gauge.
96%SA02200AKFabrication of replacement engine exhaust system assembly (P/N PA18ESA).
96%SA02373AKInstallation of heavy duty landing gear
96%SA02375AKInstallation of PA-18 jacking lugs
96%SA2520SOInstallation of a pilot's left side door and relocation of power plant and elevator trim controls.
96%SA02091AKInstallation of Airglas LW2500 fixed wheel penetration skis.
96%SA02183AKFabrication of replacement engine exhaust system assembly (P/N PA18ESA).
96%SA02093AKInstallation of hourmeter airspeed switch.
96%SA4-1143Installation of Lycoming O-320-A3B engine and Hartzell HC-82XL-6B/7636D-2 propeller.
96%SA1576NMInstallation of muffler.
96%SA3-96Install Pee-Kay Model 1500 floats.
96%SA293ALInstallation of Stoddard improved brake system.
96%SA105NWMounting and wiring for occasional installation and use of Barnes Engineering Company airborne fire...
96%SA02280AKInstallation of a Maule Fuel Selector Valve.
96%SA01516SEReplacement of the Scott Master Brake Cylinder (Non-Vented Diamphram type) with a Steve’s Aircraft...
96%SA126SOInstallation of wing fabric attachment clips.
96%SA02024AKFabrication of F. Atlee Dodge part no. 3236 muffler shroud assembly.
96%SA2468WEUse of GCA-600 axle adapter assembly for installation of Cleveland Model 40-84A wheels and Model...
96%SA4621NMFabrication and installation of P/N 3164-1 main landing gear shock strut assemblies.
96%SA02191AKFabrication and installation of Dakota Cub extended wings and associated flaps and ailerons.
96%SA510ALInstallation of 'Summer-all defroster valve.'
96%SA02309AKInstallation of a stabilizer trim system
96%SA00530SEInstallation of vortex generators on leading edge of upper side of wing.
96%SA02216AKInstallation of cargo belly pod.
96%SA284ALInstallation of Hartzell propeller with Woodward 2100-80-RS governor.
96%SA3-180Installation of Wipaire Skis, Inc. (Aircraft Skis) (FluiDyne) (Federal) Main Skis, Model C2200,...
96%SA4615NMFabrication and installation of welded steel universal aft fuselage float strut attachment...
96%SA5-7Install framing and seat in baggage compartment.
96%SA01944CH (2 OF 2)Modify airplane to fly on unleaded automotive gasoline, 87 minimum antiknock index, per ASTM...
96%SA1337GLInstall Aero Ski Manufacturing Co., Inc., Model R2800 Retractable Skis.
96%SA02316AKInstallation of 8.50-6 and 8.50-10 tires
96%SA5-65Installation of Goodyear 25 x 11.0 - 4 Type IV tires with tubes on Goodrich Model 841696 4-inch...
95%SA1351WE (PG 2)Replace existing fabric on wings, fuselage, empennage, and/or control surfaces, with Ceconite101...
95%SA02128AKFabrication and installation of Airframes, Inc. Fuselage in accordance with Airframes, Inc. Master...
95%SA04474CHInstallation of Rubbert Exhaust Assembly RR-1210, RR-1210-HR, RR-1212 and RR-1212-HR on Piper...
95%SA01343WIInstallation of B&C Specialty Products BC400 alternator
95%SA02485AKInstallation of a double slotted flap
95%SA117ALInstallation of Cunningham auxiliary fuel belly tank.
95%SA02452AKInstallation of F. Atlee Dodge Aircraft Services, LLC, Pilot’s Safety Barrier Net
95%SA214ALInstallation of Airglas Engineerins Model L-1650A and L2000A Wheel Replacment Skis
95%SA159CEInstallation of Pee-Kay Model 1800 floats.
95%SA02128LAInstallation of aileron and flap hinge repair bushings
95%SA02421AKInstallation and rigging of F.Atlee Dodge Model F.A. DODGE X-1 wheel replacement skis
95%SA01147WIInstallation of Concorde FLA or VRSLA series batteries in Piper Light Airplanes.
95%SA98ALInstallation of two (2) Stoddard Aero Service Model 17 auxiliary fuel tanks in the PA-18A, PA-18S,...
95%SA92NWInstallation of Lycoming O-360 series engine, McCauley, Sensenich Propeller Manufacturing Co., or...
95%SA01606CHInstallation of alternate electro-hydraulic power pack system for operation of main wheel skis.
95%SA00954WIInstallation of Concorde RG Series Battiers in Piper Single Engine Airplanes.
95%SA5-29Install third seat in baggage compartment and relocate battery aft of baggage compartment.
95%SA02115AKFabrication and installation of 30.5 gallon wing fuel tank sight gages.
95%SA589WEFull flow oil filter F-94056 and F-94056-12 with element E-3560 MEL 800.
95%ST01700NY (2 OF 2)Installation of the following Aerospace Logic aircraft instruments: EGT-100 Exhaust Gas Temperature...
95%SA388EAInstallation of engine and propeller
95%SA02236AKFabrication and installation of F. Atlee Dodge Heavy Duty Standard Length Main Landing Gear, P/N...
95%SA879EAInstallation of Edo Model 88A-1650 seaplane floats with Edo Model088A21 attachment gear.
95%SA518CEInstall Aqua Model 1900 floats.
95%SA1548NMInstallation of hydra strut.
95%SA02321AKInstallation of EDO 89-2000 floats modified
95%SA683SWConvert from monoplane to biplane configuration by adding all metal lower wings.
95%SA551ALInstallation of Day & Night 4-1 fiberglass propeller spinner.
95%SA1544NMInstallation of cabane vee.
95%SA1522NMInstallation of stamped aluminum wing ribs.
95%SA649ALFabricate 30.5 gallon wing fuel tanks.
95%SA4008NMInstallation of removable panels on the battery box slides.
94%SA3-352Installation of Model 3000 main skis and Model 1000 tail skis.
94%SA02153AKInstallation of Burl’s Aircraft Rebuild Magnum I tail wheel Penetration ski
94%SP04490ATInstallation of Sensenich propeller model 2G0M8/C82BGF
94%SA10236SC (3 OF 4)Installation of a GDC 31 Roll Steering Converter
94%SA02494AKInstallation of Airglas, Inc. Model LC18XL Carbon Fiber Cargo Pod kit
94%SA02525LAInstallation of Wheel and Brake Assemblies
94%SA02934CHInstallation of the Custom Fiberglass Molding, Inc. (CFMI) Model Alaskan 2500 Main Landing Gear...
94%SA1333CEInstallation of replacement engine mount fabricated per Flanagan Aircraft Co. Drawing List 1-14.00...
94%SA02246LAInstallation of a flap handle extension.
94%SA02139AKFabrication and installation of a leading edge slot mod in Piper PA-18 wing.
94%SA2318NMFabrication of North River Aviation model 8400 brake booster assemblies, and modification of Scott...
94%SA02138AKFabrication and installation of a light weight battery and bracket under the rear seat.
94%SA589ALInstall square horizontal stabilizers, elevators, and rudder.
94%SA02000SEInstallation of Aerocet Model 2200 Twin Seaplane Floats
94%SA4-1430125-gallon hopper and small swathmaster.
94%SA109CEInstallation of Pee-Kay Model 1800 floats.
94%SA02007AKInstallation of main landing gear long step no. 3195.
94%SA00261ATInstallation of basic type BYE-14, Model No. 1008 air driven alternator. (PA-18 Series except...
94%SA1-349Installation of Glider tow hook.
94%SA693ALInstallation of McCauley1A175/GM8244 propeller.
94%SA4-986Ceconite 101 covering of complete airplane.
94%SA349ALInstallation of McCauley 1A175-GM8242, GM8244, or GM8246 propeller.
94%SA308EA (2 OF 2)Installation of carburetor ice detection system 105AP in single and twin engine aircraft and single...
94%SA02655AT (2 OF 2)Installation of JAARS Model F5K Automatic Flight Following System (AFFS) in Helio H-295 type...
94%SA648ALInstall Motorola 32.5 amp alternator.
94%SA353ALInstallation of Sorensen Aircraft Co. 60-gallon belly tank.
94%SA703ALInstallation of skis.
94%SA715ALInstallation of Schneider Model SWS-4000 main wheel skis and Schneider Model SWS-1000 tail wheel...
94%SA1099WEInstall fiberglass reinforced plastic floats.
94%SA575WEBelly master spray system.
94%SA630WEInstallation of oil filter assemblies. (NAVION A AND B with optional engine)
94%SA694ALOil radiator installation.
93%SA3-328Installation of Model C-2200 main skis and Model AWT-2500 or AWT-2500A tail wheel skis.
93%SA02532ATInstallation of subject Michelin tires on appropriate aircraft. For Michelin 5, 6, 8, and 10-inch...
93%SA894WEInstallation of Lycoming O-320-A2B engine and Sensenich M74DM-56 propeller.
93%SA02156AKFabrication and installation of a lightweight battery rack under pilot's seat.
93%SA3606NMInstallation of landing gear fueling step.
93%ST01919CHInstallation of Hartzell HC-C2YL-1BF/F8468-4, HC-C2YL-1BF/F8468-6Q, or HC-C2YR-1BF/F8477-4 or...
93%SA02566CHInstallation of the Custom Fiberglass Molding, Inc. (CFMI) Model 1500, 2250-001, or 2250-002...
93%SA10682SCInstallation of alternator and voltage regulator
93%SA01251SEThe manufacture of a Sunvisor System.
93%SA1366CEInstallation of a third seat, removable cross member, and reinforced baggage compartment floor per...
93%SA02738CH (PAGE 2)Installation of L-3 Communications Avionics Systems
93%SA00393SEInstallation of the G/S 2500 and G/S2500R Aircraft Security Alarm System.
93%ST01920CHInstallation of modified Grumman AA-5B exhaust system assembly, P/N SUTN201 or P/N SUTN301. Only...
93%SA02033AT (PAGE 3)Modification to install an air-oil separator to prevent oil from being aspirated from the engine...
93%SA767GLSuperseded by STC SA01944CH. Modify airplane to fly on unleaded automotive gasoline, 87 minimum...
93%SA02508CHInstallation of reversible MT-Propeller model MTV-15-B-C-R-(M)/CR210-58 or TV-15-C-C-R-(M)/CR200-50...
93%SA2127WEInstallation of Madras Air Service Model 104 wing tips.
93%SA5-925x11x4 tires and tubes with Airglass Engineering Company adapters LWA 950.
93%SA2167NMInstallation of the Precise Flight stand-by vacuum system (SVS).
92%SA02293AK (1 OF 3)Installation of FlightLogic Synthetic Vision Electronic Flight Information System (EFIS-SV).
92%SA1369CEElectrical System and Instrument Panel modification. DATA REQUIRED: Flanagan Aircraft Co. Drawing...