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95%SA3624NMApplication of polyurethane finishing system.
95%SA517ALInstallation of plexiglass skylight on top of cabin.
95%SA02190AKFabrication and installation of p/n 3344A main landing gear safety cable kit for 3-inch extended...
94%SA02021AKFabrication and installation of wing front spar lift strut fitting reinforcing brackets
94%SA629ALInstall fiberglass wing tip assembly.
94%SA00901CHInstallation of Wipaire model 2100 amphibian/seaplane floats.
94%SA1-297Lycoming O-290-D2 or O-290-D2A engine and Sensenich M76AM-2 fixed pitch metal propeller, diameter...
94%SA1535NMInstallation of stamped aluminum wing ribs.
94%SA83ALInstallation of Lycoming O-320 Series engines, and Sensenich M74DM propeller, and Stoddard engine...
94%SA01104CHInstallation of Swing Type Engine Mount.
94%SA01074CHInstallation of Air-Energy Service Inc. Leading Edge, Part Number AESI #1511.
94%SA5781NMInstallation of Model 3140-51630.5 gallon wing fuel tanks.
94%SA202EAInstallation of either a Lycoming engine O-290-D (125 HP) or O-290- D2(135 HP) with Sensenich...
94%SA02188AKFabrication and installation of p/n 3284 three-inch extended PA-18 type main landing gear, together...
94%SA355CHInstallation of Baumann Model BF-2100 BF-2100 floats.
94%SA4607NMInstallation of main landing gear safety cable kit.
94%SA2075CEOperation of airplane on unleaded automotive gasoline, 87 minimum antiknock index and leaded...
94%SA4616NMFabrication and installation of P/N 3166-2 main landing gear cabane vee assembly.
94%SA476ALInstallation of fiberglass wing tips.
94%SA00467SEFabrication and installation of vortex generators mounted on the wings and a tail strake mounted on...
94%SA2305NMInstallation of hydraulic ski- brake assembly.
94%SA2341NMInstallation of SWS-11000 Tundra tires, wheels, and hubs.
94%SA900GLSuperseded by STC SA01944CH. Modify airplane to fly on unleaded automotive gasoline, 87 minimum...
94%SA716ALInstallation of Schneider Model SWS-4000 main wheel skis and Schneider Model SWS-1000 tail wheel...
94%SA1902NMInstallation of Schneider wheel skis, 6-inch to 10-inch aluminum wheel adapters and 29x11.0-10 8...
94%SA653ALInstall Avco Lycoming O-320-A2B or O-320-C2B engine and Sensenich74M6-0-52 propeller.
94%SA4619NMFabrication and installation of P/N 3164-2 main landing gear shock strut assemblies.
94%SA02067AKFabrication of Aircraft Tiedown Bracket Assembly (P/N 33197).
94%SA494ALInstallation of electric fuel gauges.
93%SA444ALInstallation of McCauley 1A175/GM propeller on Piper models PA-12 and PA-12S which have been...
93%SA2040AKInstallation of vented fuel cap assembly (P/N 3267).
93%SA02170AKInstallation of McCauley propellers, Models 1A175-GM8241 through 1A175-GM8244.
93%SA2609CEOperation of airplane on leaded or unleaded automotive gasoline, 91 minimum antiknock...
92%SA02115AKFabrication and installation of 30.5 gallon wing fuel tank sight gages.
92%SA687ALInstallation of left side cabin door.
92%SA5948NMInstallation of vortex generators on wing leading edge.
92%SA610ALInstall Avco Lycoming O-360-A2A engine.
92%SA689ALIncreased gross weight to 1935 lbs.
92%SA646ALInstall Motorola 32.5 amp alternator.
91%SA00415SEInstallation of Cub Crafters fuel system kit.
91%SA03115CHReplacement of the original heel operated braking system with a toe brake operating system
91%SA02424SEInstallation of a modified door
91%SA02418AKInstallation of the Piper PA-18 Front Seat Base onto a Piper PA-12 series fuselage frame
91%SA02419AKInstallation of structural provisions for a cathedral style ceiling
91%SA161WEInstallation of door on the left side of airplane
91%SA02090AKInstallation of Airglas LW2500 fixed wheel penetration skis.
91%SA550ALInstallation of modified landing gear (PA-18 type) with main gear legs lengthened 6 inches.
91%SA1052GLSurrendered and incorporated into STC SA00478CH.
91%SA148ALPA-18 main landing gear and installation of EDO 2000 floats.
91%SA00759CHInstallation of Dynafocal engine mount assembly.
91%SA578ALInstall PA-18 wing flaps on PA-12.
91%SA568ALInstallation of a winterization kit. (Normal Category ONLY)
91%SA553ALInstallation of O-360 Lycoming engine.
91%SA3602NMInstallation of landing gear fueling step.
91%SA397ALConversion of 4-inch wheels and brakes to 6-inch wheels and brakes.
91%SA701ALInstallation of skis.
91%SA00570ATStructural approval of engine mount
91%SA644ALInstall Avco Lycoming O-320-D2A or O-320-B2B engine and McCauley1A175/GM8246 prop.
91%SA1676GLInstall Model R2800 retractable skis.
91%SA493ALInstall leading edge cuff.
91%SA1424GLSurrendered and incorporated into STC SA241CH.
91%SA656ALInstall Avco Lycoming O-320-A2B or O-320-E2D engine and McCauley1A175/GM 8246 propeller.
91%SA1583NMInstallation of replacement long-life lift strut.
91%SA570ALInstallation of square horizontal stabilizer, elevator and rudder. (PA-12 SERIES Normal Category...
91%SA217WERemoval of cabin door to permit aircraft to engage in special operations such as aerial...
90%SA02553ATFront seat shoulder harness/lap belt assembly installation.
90%SA02388AKInstallation of Alaska Aircraft Products, LLC PA-12 Hot Rod Muffler
90%SA633NWInstallation of the following: PA-14 flaps, PA-18 horizontal stabilizer, elevator and trim system,...
90%SA833NWInstallation of a re-welded and re-heat treated left hand aileron bell crank.
90%SA921NWInstallation of a Lycoming O-320-B2A engine, a Sensenich 74DM-O-56 propeller, and 8:50 x 6:00 tires...
90%SA870NWInstallation of a PA-22 engine baffles, a PA-18 front mounted oil cooler, modified PA-14 cowling,...
90%SA02379AKInstallation of structural provisions for a fuselage top deck X-brace in accordance with F. Atlee...
90%SA4-419Application of glass cloth over unbleached muslin to all but control surfaces.
90%SA231ALInstallation of Piper PA-14 wing flaps.
90%SA565ALInstallation of aft baggage compartment in PA-12 airplanes. (Landplanes ONLY)
90%SA2038WEInstallation of Lycoming O-320 series engine, McCauley 1A170/1C172 and Sensenich M74DM propellers...
90%SA355ALInstallation of AD 2500x10.5 wheel replacement skis and rigging.
90%SA99ALInstallation of six-inch wheels and brakes.
90%SA11RMInstallation of modified axles, wheels and brakes
90%SA564ALModification of PA-12 elevator control system forward of fuselage station 181. (PA-12 SERIES...
90%SA660ALInstallation of extended flaps, flap control system and modified ailerons.
90%SA215ALInstall L-2500A wheel replacement skis.
90%SA289ALInstall rudder centering device.
90%SA213SOElectric fuel quantity indicator. indicator.
90%SA1-373Installation of Lycoming O-290-D(125 hp) or O-290-D2 (135 hp) engine; Sensenich M-74DM propeller;...
90%SA543ALInstallation of Piper PA-18 type landing gear.
90%SA272ALInstallation of a removable structural assembly to replace like structure removed from behind rear...
90%SA293ALInstallation of Stoddard improved brake system.
90%SA815CEInstallation of skis. Issued February 1972.
90%SA126SOInstallation of wing fabric attachment clips.
90%SA4-937Ceconite 101 covering of complete airplane.
90%SA550EAInstallation of Lycoming O-360-D2A engine (168 hp.) and McCauley propeller 1A170-SFA7850.
90%SA00116DEInstallation of Replacement Vertical Stabilizer.
90%SA190ALIncreased gross weight to1935 pounds.
90%SA388SOMetalize wings, wing landing/taxi light installation.
90%SA59ALDeviations from Lycoming O-290-D engine installation, approved under STC SA1-373. (PA-12 Land & Ski...
90%SA189ALInstall left side cabin door.
90%SA491ALReplacement of hammock type seat back rest with removable horizontal tube.
90%SA147ALElectric fuel quantity gauge system.
90%SA5-60Installation of Russ Simpson sea fins.
90%SA555ALInstallation of welded steel rear float fittings.
90%SA577ALModification of standard pilot seat.
90%SA22RMManufacture of exact replacement parts, front and rear lift strut assembly.
90%SA149ALInstallation of auxiliary baggage compartment.
89%SA98CHInstallation of replacement wing ribs.
89%SA02436AKInstallation of F. Atlee Dodge Inverted Dogleg
89%SA02040AKInstallation of vented fuel cap assembly (P/N 3267)
89%SA03327CHInstallation of engine mount, engine cowling and carburetor air box
89%SA573SWInstallation of Plane Booster wing tip kit 101-250.
89%SA02233AKInstallation of high visibility fuel sight gauge.
89%SA270SOWater and ice detector in fuel gascolator and carburetor.
89%SA02007AKInstallation of main landing gear long step no. 3195.
89%SA5-39Large horizontal stabilizers and elevators.
89%SA02234AKInstallation of a high Pressure Brake Master Cylinder assembly DCA1248-1260.
89%SA02195AKInstallation of Lycoming O-360-A2A engine, McCauley 1A200/FA8242 propeller, custin engine mount and...
88%SA03328CHInstallation of Lycoming O-320 or O-360 engine
88%SA1796GLInstallation of Sensenich propeller model W80DM.
88%SA02488AKFabrication and installation of weld-on shoulder harness brackets
88%SA02433AKInstallation of F. Atlee Dodge Oversize rudder and/or elevators
88%SA459NWInstallation of a McCauley 1A175GM propeller, baggage compartment and door, belly access plate,...
88%SA4635NMModification of wing lift struts.
88%SA01412SEInstallation of Piper PA-18 rudder and trim system
88%SA01155SE Install a Lycoming O-360-A4M engine and McCauley 1A200/FA propeller
88%SA262ALInstall 6x6x44 fish pole tube.
88%SA144ALRemote compass bracket.
88%SA537ALInstallation of Day & Night 4-1 fiberglass propeller spinner.
88%SA01553SEInstallation of a structural and systems modifications.
87%SA4-456Removal of Lycoming O-235-C1 engine and Installation of Lycoming O-320-A1A or one of the following...
87%ST01919CHInstallation of Hartzell HC-C2YL-1BF/F8468-4, HC-C2YL-1BF/F8468-6Q, or HC-C2YR-1BF/F8477-4 or...
87%SA03034CHInstallation of new engine baffling assembly and new oil coolers
87%SA02049AKFabrication and installation of Airglas Engineering Co., Inc. Model LTC18 cargo pod/bell
87%SA582NWFabrication of replacement wire rope cable assemblies
87%SA95ALMaule SFS-1-4-P8 tail wheel; Hayes D-15-26 brake assembly using Kennedy Air Service adapter 64-1;...
87%SA10EAMetal covering of fabric wings according to Drawing #5P-10005, dated November 17, 1961 and Change...
87%SA02228AKInstallation of Leading Edge Exhaust Systems, LLC LEESPA12 ESA-180, LEESPA12ESA-SM, and...
87%SA00530SEInstallation of vortex generators on leading edge of upper side of wing.
87%SA5-925x11x4 tires and tubes with Airglass Engineering Company adapters LWA 950.
87%SA1-510Installation of Sur-Vent fuel tank filler cap manufactured.
87%SA4-977Installation of Fiberglass rudder post mount for either Grimes or Whelen WRM rotating beacons.
87%SA02299AKInstallation of a replacement fuel selector valve.
87%SA02295AKInstallation of a high capacity fule gascolator assembly.
87%SA02316AKInstallation of 8.50-6 and 8.50-10 tires
86%SA3-424Installation of Wiparie Skis Model CTF-2200 (Acft Skis) (FluiDyne) (Federal) tail ski on airplanes...
86%SA566ALInstallation of Lycoming O-320 engine.
86%SA02267AKInstallation of a Lycoming O-360-A2A and a McCauley 1A200-FA8242 fixed pitch propeller
86%SA2045NMInstallation of pilot and co- pilot seats.
85%SA8075SW (PAGE 3)Installation of fiberglass covering. (M-62 SERIES PT-19) (G-73 SCHWEIZER)
85%SA04474CHInstallation of Rubbert Exhaust Assembly RR-1210, RR-1210-HR, RR-1212 and RR-1212-HR on Piper...
85%SA02483AKInstallation of : (1) Cleveland 199-62 or 199-62A wheel and brake kit or ABI LLC AB-199-62 or...
85%SA02734CHInstallation of Lightweight Battery and Circuit Breaker Master Switch in lieu of original...
85%SA378SWInstallation of Lycoming O-320 engine
85%SA02421AKInstallation and rigging of F.Atlee Dodge Model F.A. DODGE X-1 wheel replacement skis
85%ST01920CHInstallation of modified Grumman AA-5B exhaust system assembly, P/N SUTN201 or P/N SUTN301. Only...
85%SA2NEInstallation of Cleveland wheels and brakes, 7.00-6 or 6.00-6, C38500-HA, 40-6, in accordance with...
85%SA308EA (2 OF 2)Installation of carburetor ice detection system 105AP in single and twin engine aircraft and single...
85%SA5-65Installation of Goodyear 25 x 11.0 - 4 Type IV tires with tubes on Goodrich Model 841696 4-inch...
84%SA00078BOInstallation of any comb of Harrison p/n 8517732 oil cooler, Goodyear 26x10.5x6 main wheel tires,...
84%SA00805CHInstallation of Air-Energy Service Inc. (AESI) P/N AESI-12-1900 (-1) wing fuel tanks.
84%SA02452AKInstallation of F. Atlee Dodge Aircraft Services, LLC, Pilot’s Safety Barrier Net
84%SA01704LAInstallation of the Grove Disk Brake System
84%SA00954WIInstallation of Concorde RG Series Battiers in Piper Single Engine Airplanes.
84%SA5-57Substitution of Fred Shaw mount for modified mount.
84%SA00132SEFabrication of F. Atlee Dodge aft fuselage weld-on fittings for the mounting of Edo Model 89-2000...
84%SA02309AKInstallation of a stabilizer trim system
83%SA3283WEInstallation of George M. Adams DGA-2000 or Bodell BMI-2000 wheels and Bodell BMI-252 brakes.
83%SA01343WIInstallation of B&C Specialty Products BC400 alternator
83%SA01333CHInstallation of a 24-gallon wing fuel tanks.
83%SA120AL: Fabrication and installation of Stoddard auxiliary fuel tank per Stoddard Aero Service Drawing...
83%SA2313SWInstall 22-1/2 gallon fuel tank.
83%SA460SWInstall wing tips in accordance with Cub Crafters, Inc. Master Drawing List., MDL102400, Revision...
83%SA2082SOInstallation of fuselage window plugs.
83%SA618ALInstallation of AVCO Lycoming O-320-D2A engine and McCauley 1A175-GM8246 propeller
83%SA02231AKInstallation of Cleveland Main Wheels and Brakes.
83%SA01516SEReplacement of the Scott Master Brake Cylinder (Non-Vented Diamphram type) with a Steve’s Aircraft...
83%SA2127WEInstallation of Madras Air Service Model 104 wing tips.
83%SA5-54Installation of F.A. Shaw Sea Fins.
82%SA02214AKInstallation of Alpha Omega Suspension System in place of original bungees or bungees and...
82%SA563ALInstallation of Day & Night 2-4 fiberglass and aluminum engine cowling.
82%SA1-644Installation of Edo 89-2000 floats, water rudder and seaplane fin.
82%SA5-66Structural approval only of Fred A. Shaw engine mount and forward fuselage modification for...
82%SA02171AKInstallation of a 24-gallon right wing fuel tank, P/N DC18049-24G-25R and 24-gallon left wing fuel...
82%SA01063CHInstallation of a Scott Model 3200 Tail Wheel with the AESI #T.S.05P Tail Spring.
82%SA5-28Lycoming O-290-D2 engine and Sensenich M76AM-2 propeller installed.
81%SA02525LAInstallation of Wheel and Brake Assemblies
81%SA5-33Removed unbalanced tail surfaces and installed balanced tail surfaces. Install elevators, Piper...
81%SA5-13Installation of 8.50x6 tires and tubes with Hayes 6-inch wheels.
81%SA1-51Installation of a Lycoming O-290-D2 engine in combination with Edo 89-2000 floats and water rudder...
80%SA02153AKInstallation of Burl’s Aircraft Rebuild Magnum I tail wheel Penetration ski
80%SA1351WE (PG 2)Replace existing fabric on wings, fuselage, empennage, and/or control surfaces, with Ceconite101...
80%SA00932SEInstallation of the Stewart wing tip assembly
80%SA4-519Installation of a Lycoming O-320 engine
80%SA02360AKFabrication and installation of Airglas, Inc., Model GLH3000 hydraulically retractable wheel skis
80%SA02093AKInstallation of hourmeter airspeed switch.
80%SA01944CH (2 OF 2)Modify airplane to fly on unleaded automotive gasoline, 87 minimum antiknock index, per ASTM...
79%SA3606NMInstallation of landing gear fueling step.
79%SA214ALInstallation of Airglas Engineerins Model L-1650A and L2000A Wheel Replacment Skis
79%SA01147WIInstallation of Concorde FLA or VRSLA series batteries in Piper Light Airplanes.
79%SA3633NMFabrication of North River Avia. Model 8400 brake booster assembly, and modify Scott Avia. Model...
78%SA39CHInstallation of amphibian landing gear position advisory system.
78%SA21NWInstallation of a 70 pound baggage compartment in either or both EDO 89-2000, 89A-2000 or 689-2130...
78%SA02128LAInstallation of aileron and flap hinge repair bushings
78%SA3ALInstallation of Fred A. Shaw tundra-bird Model 2500 skis.
78%SA02321AKInstallation of EDO 89-2000 floats modified
78%SA4-840Fabric replaced with glass cloth on wings, fuselage, empennage and/or control surfaces.
77%SA3-423Installation of CT-3000 tail ski on airplanes equipped with Scott 3200 or 3400 tail wheels.
77%SA316SOCarburetor ice detector.
76%SA02168AK (PG 2)Installation of hourmeter airspeed switch. For unpressurized aircraft only. Pressurized aircraft...
76%SA00861SE (PG 2)Installation of J.P. Instruments (JPI) fuel flow indicating system in accordance with JPI...
75%SA10682SCInstallation of alternator and voltage regulator
75%SA334SWInstallation of InterAv Alternator.
75%SA1350WEReplace existing fabric on wings, fuselage, empennage and/or control surfaces with fiberglass...
74%SA220SOTow bar, release mechanism, and safety tow link.
74%SA2167NMInstallation of the Precise Flight stand-by vacuum system (SVS).
74%SA10126SC (2 OF 2)Installation of Aero Advantage ADV200 series vacuum pump per Aero Advantage Drawing Number ADVMSI...
73%SA2-952Installation of fiberglass covering.
73%SA02293AK (2 OF 3)Installation of FlightLogic Synthetic Vision Electronic Flight Information System (EFIS-SV).
72%SA01473SE (4 OF 5)Installation of a GTX 32 (mode C), GTX 33 (mode S), or GTX 33D (mode S with diversity) Remote...
72%SA00780SE (PAGE 4)Installation of the True Lock Safety Retention Axle Lock Nut System
72%SA01251SEThe manufacture of a Sunvisor System.
72%SA01695SE (4 OF 5)Installation of an antenna
72%SA02738CH (PAGE 1)Installation of L-3 Communications Avionics Systems
72%SA02033AT (PAGE 3)Modification to install an air-oil separator to prevent oil from being aspirated from the engine...
72%SA02217AK (4 OF 5)Installation of Garmin AT Model GDL90 UAT Data Link System, in accordance with Garmin AT, Inc., GDL...
72%SA241CHInstall Ceconite 101 fabric.
71%SA00432SE (PG 1)Installation of EGT 701 series fuel flow instrument.
71%SA2693NM (PAGE 2)Installation of Electronics International digital volt/amp gauges and accessories.
71%SA1455NMInstallation of a flame proof auxiliary heater-dryer, Model12-1600.
71%SA00954SE (1 OF 2)Installation of J.P. Instruments (JPI) Primary Temperature Indicating System in accordance with JPI...
70%SA2666WECeconite 102 material covering complete aircraft. (262A SERIES -12)
70%SA4305WEInstallation of GAR-AERO wheel adapters and tundra type tires on the main landing gear
69%SA02203AK (PAGE 3) Installation of FlightLogic Synthetic Vision Electronic Flight Information System (EFIS-SV).
69%SA02203AK (PAGE 2) Installation of FlightLogic Synthetic Vision Electronic Flight Information System (EFIS-SV).
69%SA02203AK (PAGE 1)Installation of FlightLogic Synthetic Vision Electronic Flight Information System (EFIS-SV).
69%SA02987CHInstallation of the Electroair Electronic Ignition System
69%SA01899WIInstallation of Garmin G3X Touch Electronic Flight Instrument System
69%SA615EA (PAGE 2)Installation of a Whelen Anti-Collision Strobe Light System as replacement for originally installed...
69%SA00194BOInstallation of Aircraft Components, Inc. Landing Gear Warning System for Amphibian Aircraft, P/N...
69%SA01026SE (PAGE 1)Improved fuel gascolator assembly.
69%SA5156NM (PG 3)Fabrication and installation of Pulsar-MOSFET Landing Light Flasher System
69%SA5156NM (PG 2)Fabrication and installation of Pulsar-MOSFET Landing Light Flasher System
69%SA02110CH (PAGE 3)Installation of a Time Trac Data Recorder
69%SA02110CH (PAGE 4)Installation of a Time Trac Data Recorder
69%SA02110CH (PAGE 1)Installation of a Time Trac Data Recorder
69%SA00215NYInstallation of CAVU Model AM100 AVMIX engine fuel/air mixture setting system.
68%SA4-1210Installation of Eonnex cover on aircraft surfaces.
68%SA02428AKInstallation of a hydraulically actuated ski drag assembly
68%SA02110CH (PAGE 2)Installation of a Time Trac Data Recorder
68%SA01473SE (3 OF 5)Installation of a GTX 32 (mode C), GTX 33 (mode S), or GTX 33D (mode S with diversity) Remote...
68%SA01473SE (5 OF 5)Installation of a GTX 32 (mode C), GTX 33 (mode S), or GTX 33D (mode S with diversity) Remote...
68%SA01473SE (1 OF 5)Installation of a GTX 32 (mode C), GTX 33 (mode S), or GTX 33D (mode S with diversity) Remote...