Parts Manufacturer Approval

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Supplement Number:
Supplement Date:
This approval issued to:
F Atlee Dodge Aircraft Services LLC
PMA Holder Number:
PMA Holder's Address:
6672 Wes Way
Anchorage AK 99518
United States
Part Name:
Front and Rear Tanks
Part Number:
3169-1 & 3169-1A (Front) 3169-2 (Rear)
Replacement For:
Modification Part
Piper (PA-18, PA-18A 105 125 (Army L-21A), PA-18A 135 (Army L-21B), PA-18 150, PA-18A 150, PA-19 (Army L-18C) with STC SA2303NM installed)
FAA Approval Basis:
STC-SA2303NM Dated, 9/26/86 Dwg No. 3169 Date: 3/29/82 or later FAA approved revision
Responsible Office:
Minneapolis MN FAA Office Tel: (612) 713-4370
Additional Information:

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