Supplemental Type Certificate

STC Number:

This certificate issued to:
Aviation Partners Boeing

STC Holder's Address:
2811 South 102nd Street, Suite 200
Seattle WA 98168
United States

Description of the Type Design Change:
Installation of winglets, wing structural reinforcement and related system changes on Boeing 737-700IGW , 737-800, 737-700, 737-700C and 737-900. Fabrication and installation of parts must be accomplished in accordance with the FAA-approved Aviation Partners Boeing Master Drawing Lists

Application Date:

Amended, 03/19/2010

Responsible Office:
Seattle ACO Branch, Tel: +1 (206) 231-3500

TC Number -- Make -- Model:
A16WE -- The Boeing Company -- 737-700 Series
A16WE -- The Boeing Company -- 737-700C Series
A16WE -- The Boeing Company -- 737-800 Series
A16WE -- The Boeing Company -- 737-900 Series

Full Text of STC:
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