Supplemental Type Certificate

STC Number:

This certificate issued to:
New Systems

STC Holder's Address:
1201 North Industrial Blvd.
Round Rock TX 78681
United States

Description of the Type Design Change:
Installation of a single Universal Avionics Flight Management System with integrated GPS in accordance with New Systems Master Drawing List 228-00-0001, Rev. H, dated August 6, 2004, or later FAA approved revision. Airplane Flight Manual Supplement No. 228-00-0011, Rev. A, dated August 12, 2004, or later FAA approved revision is required.

Application Date:

Amended, 09/30/2004

Responsible Office:
Ft. Worth ACO Branch, Tel: +1 (817) 222-5140

TC Number -- Make -- Model:
A-817 -- Fokker Services -- F27 Mark 050

Full Text of STC:
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